Abby Levine

Nonpartisan Elections: A quick reminder for 501(c)(3) organizations

All 501(c)(3)s know that they cannot support candidates in partisan elections, such as for the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and governorships. But occasionally overlooked is that c3s cannot support or oppose ANY candidate for public office, even in nonpartisan elections.

Andrew Phifer

Top 5 Blogs in September

What is trending on Bolder Advocacy? #1 is “Employee & Individual: What election-related activities 501(c)(3) staffers can participate in.” Find out the other posts attracting the most clicks last month.

Erik Lampmann

Documenting Our Stories: Film as Advocacy

Stories have the power to captivate, to move audiences not only to action but to changes of heart and mind. Increasingly, we’ve seen how these stories – skillfully conveyed through film and video – can elevate a national discussion around critical issues, spur the generation of grassroots movements, and drive the American people to action.

Susan Rhea

Mapping September’s #AdvocacyWins

Every month, AFJ is mapping where in the country nonprofits are making strides for fairness, equality, economic opportunity, and other social justice values. Check out some of September’s wins…

Nona Randois

States and Cities Take the Lead on Aid for Immigrants

President Obama announced recently that he would not take any executive action on deportation relief for undocumented immigrants until after the midterm elections. As with many other issues where the federal government has failed to act, states and cities are taking the lead in providing relief for immigrant families and helping secure their civil rights.


Assessing People Power—PowerCheck: A new tool for community organizing

Community organizing can be a complex process. To assess an organization’s power and sustainability, it’s important to understand its readiness to engage and empower constituents. Bolder Advocacy has a way to determine an organization’s ability to engage in organizing—PowerCheck: a tool for assessing community organizing capacity.

Andrew Phifer

Election Protection: The phone lines are open!

With Election Day approaching and voter registration efforts ramping up, there are bound to be questions. To answer these questions, Election Protection, the nation’s largest non-partisan voter protection coalition, opened their hotline today so that you can speak with an expert!