Trending Away from Metrics

It’s official. The foundation world can rein in its growing focus on metrics and unnecessary types of data when evaluating nonprofit work. Congratulations to Karina Kloos and Daniela Papi for so effectively describing how requiring more numerical evaluation data can stifle nonprofit organizations’ ability to explain what’s working and what’s not working in meaningful terms.

Nayantara Mehta

Change in Federal Policy Allows Lobbyists Back In

The Obama Administration announced a change in policy on Wednesday, reported by Politico: “Lobbyists for corporations and industry groups will now be allowed to serve on more than 1,000 industry boards, panels and commissions that give the private sector an advisory role in decision-making across the executive branch.”

Andrew Phifer

Philanthropy Must Reads: July

This month we highlight articles and publications on building grantee capacity, the need for philanthropy to reset its default setting, and much more.

Susan Rhea

Mapping July’s #AdvocacyWins

Every month, AFJ is mapping where in the country nonprofits are making strides for fairness, equality, economic opportunity, and other social justice values. In the map below we look back on wins from July 2014. To access the map, click on a state to learn more about an individual policy victory. Are we missing yours?

Nayantara Mehta

California Policy Update for Nonprofit Advocates

The Alliance for Justice West Coast office has been monitoring, and in some cases weighing in on, a number of state and local legislative and regulatory matters that affect nonprofit advocacy across California. Probably most significant was the passage of SB 27, which defines when a nonprofit spending money to influence California elections must register as a political committee, and the current development of the implementing regulations.

Abby Levine

Just the Facts on the NEW 1023-EZ Form

At the end of June, the Internal Revenue Service released the Form 1023-EZ, Streamlined Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This new form allows eligible organizations to file a much simpler application than the full Form 1023.

Terra Allgaier

Family Leave and Fair Pay: A Multilateral Approach

The week of June 16th through June 20th, The National Partnership for Women and Families organized the FAMILY Act Week of Action to call upon Congress and the president to pass the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act. The Week of Action provided a variety of convenient ways for both organizations and individuals to get involved.

Jahanara Saeed

Top 5 Blog Posts in June

The posts attracting the most clicks last month.

Pat Libby

Advocacy as a Patriotic Duty

If we care about our country, then we need to let our voices be heard. And that means advocacy, including lobbying.