Isaiah Castilla

When to Register as a Lobbyist

When do I register as a lobbyist in my state? We’re often asked this question during trainings and technical assistance calls. To answer this question, we’ve just updated our State Lobbying Thresholds chart. This chart succinctly presents the employer, employee, and grassroots registration thresholds for the 27 states included in our in-depth State Law Resource library.

Rebecca Cappy

The secret mistake of Prop C: Chilling the voice of our grassroots communities

Alliance for Justice joined an op-ed in the San Francisco Examiner opposing Proposition C on November’s ballot in San Francisco: “[Prop C] was intended to root out so-called “astro-turf” nonprofits fronting for politically influential corporations, but instead casts too wide a net and sweeps in our city’s patchwork quilt of community- and faith-based organizations that represent the voice of neighborhoods and vulnerable communities.” The debate over Prop C was picked up by Nonprofit Quarterly which covered our op-ed and the supporters’ own op-ed as well.

Christine Strigaro

Philanthropy Must Reads: August

Alliance for Justice’s Foundation Program has been reading and chronicling some fantastic articles, books, and blogs this month. In response to this great content, we champion great reads every month from the philanthropic community. This month’s compilation includes articles on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, collective impact, “strategic” philanthropy, and more!

Natalie Roetzel

How to Support AFJ During North Texas Giving Day

This Thursday, September 17, Alliance for Justice’s Texas Office will participate in the 7th Annual North Texas Giving Day. This event, which was founded in 2009 by the Communities Foundation of Texas, raises millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations in Dallas and surrounding communities.

Andrew Phifer

Advocates stand up for senior citizens—and you can too

Forced arbitration is a pernicious practice that shuts everyday Americans out of court when they are defrauded by big business or discriminated against at work. But did you know that forced arbitration is often a problem for our senior citizens in nursing homes? Learn how advocates across the country are rallying support to remove forced arbitration from nursing home contracts and how you can join.


Helping Nonprofits Stay Afloat

The Foundation Center reports on a recently held an event on the relationship between advocacy and philanthropy, why and how foundations support advocacy, and more. The panelists from George Gund Foundation and the Center for Community Solutions, highlighted how Bolder Advocacy’s legal and capacity assessment tools can help.

Andrew Phifer

10 Years After Katrina: 10 Questions for Funder Best Practices

Saturday, August 29, 2015, will mark the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s landfall on the Gulf Coast, and President Obama will be in New Orleans on Thursday to honor the anniversary and celebrate the region’s resilience and steady progress. After such a devastating storm, how was this region able to steadily make progress toward recovery?

Nona Randois

Alliance for Justice Marks Successful First Year in Southern California Office

AFJ is celebrating our one-year anniversary in our Southern California office, and over the past year, we have reached over 200 organizations and coached over 700 individuals through our workshops, webinars, and individualized technical assistance. In the coming year, we will work to reach even more organizations that want to expand their ability to achieve goals by strengthening their advocacy program.


What Funders Should Know in Order to Help Strengthen Grantees’ Advocacy

It’s great for our democracy that many foundations are delving more deeply into strengthening their grantees’ advocacy capacity, convening, and of course, making grantmaking decisions which support advocacy. Knowing what grantees say they need in order to be effective voices for their constituents can help inform these foundation activities. Our 2015 ACT Data & Analysis can provide some of that information. This report provides results from the first 280 users of Bolder Advocacy’s online version of the self-assessment Advocacy Capacity Tool.

Isaiah Castilla

Celebrating 50 Years of Voting Rights – and Working For More

In commemoration of the VRA’s passage, we want to lift up organizations working to mobilize and turnout voters in the 2016 election. Voter mobilization and civic engagement are some of the safest and most effective ways for nonprofits to work in elections. To help organizations navigate the changing landscape, Bolder Advocacy provides resources, trainings, and technical assistance on the legal rules for election-related activity.