Bolder Advocacy Salutes Two Nonprofit Heroes

Our vibrant nonprofit sector owes much to individuals who have the vision and courage to lead with integrity, transparency, and vision. We lost two such leaders in the last few weeks.


Building Advocacy: Put Some Money on the Tortoise in the Race

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Strengthening a nonprofit’s capacity to influence public policy is a long-term investment, but one that is extremely effective. Despite being a common refrain, those studying nonprofits and their funding partners keep emphasizing how important it is to do more to build advocacy capacity, even for social change leaders.

Andrew Phifer

Foundations Funding Advocacy, Play by Play

Have you ever heard a foundation staff member, trustee or consultant warn of the risky waters for funding lobbying? I’ve heard this numerous times, which is why I’m excited about an excellent new resource to recommend to advocacy skeptics on what is allowed in clear, easily digestible language: the Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy initiative’s Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook.

Isaiah Castilla

New IRS Regulations for Private Foundations Making International Grants

On September 25, the IRS issued final regulations on the standards a private foundation must use when determining whether a foreign charity will qualify as a charitable organization under federal tax law. When making grants to foreign entities, foundations must make a good faith determination that the foreign organization is a charitable organization. Read to learn more about the new regulations.

Christine Strigaro

Philanthropy Must Reads: September 2015

This month’s compilation of notable articles and publications about the philanthropic sector focuses on how to leverage traditional media, general operating support, funding social justice, and more!

Isaiah Castilla

When to Register as a Lobbyist

We’re often asked this question during trainings and technical assistance calls. To answer this question, we’ve just updated our State Lobbying Thresholds chart.